About Signature Dental

How do you know if you are with the right dental office? When you are surrounded by hundreds of other great and conveniently located clinicians, the choice comes down to “feeling comfortable” where you go for your dental care since many of us fear going to the dentist. It is our desire to earn the trust of those who come to see us for their oral care by delivering long-lasting, comfortable dentistry. It is our objective to make sure you get our undivided attention when you come to see us so that we may do the right thing, done right, at the right time, for you. We gladly welcome questions about your oral health and any proposed treatment because the answers you receive will enable you to make an informed decision. After presenting our treatment recommendations, we leave the choice with you to proceed with all the recommended work, do some of it, or none of it. We take your best interest into consideration during this entire process.

About Our Location

We are located in Edmonton’s Lemarchand Mansion. Built in 1912 by Rene Lemarchand, the Lemarchand Mansion is one of Edmonton’s most impressive historical buildings. Its purpose was to provide European-style luxury apartments in the wild Canadian west. The mansion originally housed more than 40 suites, each with unique floor plans and at least one fireplace. Because we are located on the fourth floor of the building, we are privileged to have spectacular views of the stunning river valley all year round. This historical jewel was massively renovated and its charm restored in the 1980s, and is now home to many professional offices and retail shops.