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Root Canal Patients

Although your dentist may perform root canal therapy, he referred you to us because he feels that we can help you preserve your tooth. The alternative to root canal therapy is removal of the affected tooth. When the nerve (pulp) inside your tooth becomes infected or traumatized due to deep cavities, repeated dental treatment, traumatic cracks or fractures, the tooth may develop pain and/or a draining "pimple" in the gums. By carefully cleaning, disinfecting and sealing the nerve (root canal) spaces, we eliminate pain and help prevent reinfection and give the tooth the opportunity to stay in function in you mouth.

Once treatment is completed, we will seal the access to the nerve (pulp) space with a temporary filling. You may experience some tenderness the first few days after the procedure is completed. We will give you instructions on how to manage you recovery. You will be referred back to your dentist to remove the temporary filling and seal the tooth permanently. Any further treatment to cover the root canaled tooth and other general dental care will be provided to you by your referring dentist.


Please download this form and fill it out before you come to your appointment with us:


We will do our best to discuss fees and payment options before you proceed with treatment. If you have any questions about the cost of your treatment please feel free to ask us at any time. Payment is due the day service is rendered. We offer the following payment options: VISA, Mastercard, debit, and cash.


If you have insurance coverage for your dental treatments, we can help you determine how much of the cost of your dental care will be covered by your insurance. We will help file your claim, and work with your insurance provider from our office on your behalf.

IMPORTANT: Please bring all your dental insurance documentation if you will be using it to offset the cost of your dental treatment.


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